What Is A Utility Player In Baseball


In normal life, many people can handle different purposes simultaneously, and the same is applied to baseball. That’s why the term “utility player” is created, so what is a utility player in baseball? 

This question will be concisely explained in the following sections. Keep scrolling down for further information!  

What Is A Utility Player In Baseball? 

What Is A Utility Player In Baseball

A utility player has an essential role in a team. Image source: Pxhere

In a baseball match, a utility player is able to play several positions competently. In other words, he is not restricted to only one position on the field yet freely handles others to ensure the team’s flexibility and victory chances. 

The term “utility player” has gained much prominence in nearly all sports, including baseball, thanks to its use in fantasy leagues. Yet, in some rugby unions, it is only popular among a match’s commentators to recognize a player’s versatility. 

So what is a utility player in fantasy baseball? This player doesn’t need to make the start lineup, but he must be talented and have enough skills to play diverse positions. In fantasy baseball, a bench player seems more of a strong defender than a hitter. 

Why Are Utility Players Important?

On the baseball field, every player has his own role, contributing to the team’s success in general. At this professional level, the importance of each member seems magnified. 

But one member that attracts more attention is a utility player. MLB teams carry a number of 12 or 13 offensive players, who fill eight non-pitching positions, and a bench player will be a backup at these spots. 

This player will join the match when your team’s starting player encounters a serious injury. A utility infielder will be a perfect substitute, thanks to his expertise in various skills. He could substitute for a main player in an entire match or at some time during the game. 

What Qualities Should A Utility Player In Baseball Have?

Here are some prerequisites that a utility player must meet. Let’s get started!


What Is A Utility Player In Baseball

Versatility is one of the most pivotal skills. Image source: Pxhere

A versatile player could grasp an in-depth knowledge of multiple positions and know how to handle these different responsibilities. Thanks to this quality, he is capable of making routine plays from infield to outfield and even facing the occasional web gem.  


Another skill a bench player must conquer is batting; in other words, he can control the ball competently. That’s why he does not need to be one of the greatest hitters in a team who can hit the ball with much force. 

More importantly, he must have a comprehensive view of the strike zone, put the ball into play, and drive it if needed.  


If you don’t know, baserunning is an act of running from base to base to reach the home base and score a run.

A utility player must be good at baserunning because he does not know when to take an extra base or hold the ball up and wait for an opportunity. The act of mistakenly throwing it out could lead to his team’s failure.  

Mental Toughness

A bench player always pays close attention to the match, remembering the last at-bat or the last play before moving on to another position on the field. 

He also needs to calm down and keep his composure when the match becomes increasingly pressured, thereby maintaining the best performance.   


Sometimes, a utility player becomes a temporary leader by asking others to hit the ball or base run quickly to a targeted position. And to do so, other players must look up to him both on and off the field.  

Excellent Decision-Making Skills

A utility player is regarded as the team back-up, so he must quickly determine and grasp the chance of helping other players. In this case, decision-making is of great essence, as being late for one second could affect the match’s final result. 

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Utility Player?

What Is A Utility Player In Baseball

There are tremendous merits of a bench player. Image source: Pxhere

Following are several merits that you can reap when becoming a utility player. 


Of course, a utility player gains much trust from the coach. When a baseball player no longer continues the game, you are the only choice that a whole team could rely on. 

Keep You Focused 

As a bench player, you must stay focused to keep track of the entire game and different positions, so when going infield, you can handle a main player’s role successfully. 

Playing Time 

A utility player may spend more time practicing and playing to accomplish diverse positions before engaging in a match.  

Help With Game Planning 

A utility infielder could play multiple roles, so he might be the key to a game plan. Utilizing this nearly all-rounded player, a coach could create some possible strategies to surprise the opposite team.   

Improved Skills

A bench player is constantly challenged to practice with greater frequencies and intensity levels than a normal one, so he can improve his skills more quickly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Best Utility Player In Baseball History?

Ben Zobrist is the legend of all time. From 1979 to 1983, Thomas, with his unraveled defensive skills, could be found anywhere on the field he played except for pitchers. 

Javier Baez and Matt Carpenter are two other famous names, well-known for their fast pace and perfect ball-driving skills.  

Are There Drawbacks To Being A Utility Player?


A utility player must practice a lot, and he is frequently placed under great pressure to play multiple positions. Wearing many hats at the same time, he often does not join most matches like a starter lineup.

Drawbacks of being a utility player are minor. Image source: Unsplash 

The Bottom Line

We hope that you can find a satisfying answer to the question: What is a utility player in baseball? He is one of the most important players in each game, helping facilitate the team’s flexibility and heighten the chances of success. You can visit the website Askmebaseball to explore more information.  

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