What is a save in baseball


What is a save in baseball? The question is important for baseball fans as determining the winner in this sport is crucial. 

Let us explain it to you in detail, so you can get the hang of it whether you join a game or watch it from anywhere.

A save is an important moment to hold on the lead – Source: Staticflickr

What Is A Save In Baseball? 

What is a save situation in baseball?

A save is a special thing that happens when a special pitcher called a closer appears in the last part of the game when their team is winning. Their job is to stop the opponents from getting more runs and help their team hold onto their lead, making sure the rival doesn’t score more points. 

To be a closer, a pitcher should be good at throwing the ball accurately at different speeds. The person needs to have strong pitching skills and handle pressure well. 

The team trusts them to come in at the end of the game and protect the lead. 

Save Type 

Traditional Save

A traditional one takes place when a closer comes into the match at the very end and successfully protects a lead. 

The person pitches for one inning and ensures the other team doesn’t catch up. The team gets a traditional save if they can keep the lead and finish the game without losing.

Multi-Inning Save

Sometimes, a closer needs to pitch for more than one inning to protect the lead and secure the win. 

When a closer comes in earlier and pitches well for at least two innings, they earn a multi-inning save. It requires the pitcher to be strong and throw the ball longer to help their team win.

Combined Save

It’s called a combined save if two or more pitchers from the same team work together to protect a lead and finish the game. 

The first pitcher starts the game and pitches for a few innings, then another pitcher, usually the closer, comes in later to finish the game. 

They share a combined save if they both do well and the team wins. People often refer to it as teamwork to ensure the other team doesn’t take the lead.

How Does Hold & Blown Save Impact The Potential For Earning A Save? 


In case a relief pitcher helps their team keep the lead before the closer comes into the game, we consider it a hold. They have to pitch well and prevent the other team from catching up. 

Doing their job and maintaining the lead increases the chance for the closer to earn a save. Holds show that the relief pitcher did well in backing up the closer for a potential save opportunity.

Blown Save

Let’s say the closer enters the game with a lead but fails to protect it; that’s a blown save. 

Blown saves reduce the chances of earning a save because the team no longer has the lead. It is a frustrating moment for both the team and the closer, as they miss the boat to secure a save.

A blown save is a failed save made by the closer – Source: Wikimedia

How To Earn A Save? 

Enter The Game In A Save Situation

To earn a save, a pitcher must enter the match when their team has a lead of three or fewer runs. It means that their team is ahead but not by a large margin. 

When the pitcher comes into the game, it’s usually in the late innings, typically the 9th inning, but it can also be earlier in some situations.

Preserve The Lead

Once in the game, the pitcher’s main objective is to preserve the lead. They need to pitch well and make scoring runs challenging for the opposing team’s hitters. 

It involves using a variety of pitches, for example curveballs, fastballs, or changeups, to keep the hitters off-balance. 

The pitcher must throw accurately and strategically to hinder the other team from keeping up with them.

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Record Three Outs

To nail a save, the pitcher must record three outs. This means getting three opposing players out before they can score runs. There are different ways to achieve this. 

The pitcher can strike out the hitters by throwing three strikes that they can’t hit. They can also induce the hitters to hit the ball to the fielders, who make the necessary plays to get the outs. 

Additionally, the pitcher can force the opposing players to make baserunning mistakes, resulting in outs.

Finish The Game

The pitcher must be the one who finishes the game for their team. They need to remain on the mound until the last out is recorded. 

That is why they must continue pitching until the opposing team has no more opportunities to score runs. Whether it’s in the 9th inning or in further innings, the pitcher must be the one who closes out the game.

Avoid Blown Saves

Lastly, the pitcher must steer clear from blown saves to earn a save. As such, he needs to stay focused, pitch effectively, and prevent the other team from scoring runs.

Pitchers have to avoid blown saves at all costs – Source: Staticflickr


Can You Get A Save In A 7 Inning Game?

Yes. You can get a save in a 7 inning game. The pitcher must come in after 6 innings and help the team win. If the team wins by 3 runs or less, and the pitcher gets the final 3 outs, he gets a save.

Can Two Pitchers Get A Save?

Yes. In certain situations, two pitchers can be credited with a save if they both contribute to closing out a close or tied game. It is an exception to the usual rule.


What is a save in baseball? We hope that you leave with confidence after being equipped with all the ins and outs. 

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